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KWESTONE’s Sniperbot 6” Resin Figure by RLUX CUSTOMS




A most evil bot creation of a dark force bent on ruling the the Shoe-niverse!

Sniperbot’s prime directive is to kill your happiness by using it’s camper moves to snipe your bid, swipe your sneakers and sneak back into the digital darkness with your grails.

So always watch your six or you might become Sniperbot’s next target!

Artist KWESTONE, once again, is partnering up with RLUX CUSTOMS to bring his character SNIPERBOT to the art toy world. RLUX’s resin figure platform combined with the artist’s talent for character development has produced a look that appeals to both nostalgic retro gamers and sneaker enthusiasts.


A must-have figure for the tech geeks and the sneakerheads!


- Limited First Run of 50 pcs

- Comes with Character Collector Card

- Special Retro Gaming Package


Price: $120 + Worldwide Shipping


Shipping and fulfillment details:

The figure will be secured inside a box with foam cutouts. It will be wrapped with bubble wrap and shipped inside a plastic mailer. If more than one is ordered, a larger mailer will be made to fit the quantity.




Out of Stock

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