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BITS by RLUX Customs


From our usual "cool" stance, to these cute BITS and pieces, comes our new line of productions called the BITS! 


Starting off with 2 characters - Cyberskull and Kyu - we bring you these new little rotund and bright characters!

The BITS characters are also the protagonists in our in-development game called "BITS BATTLE ROYALE".


Stay tuned for the other characters - Project Unicorn, Sniperbot, Kid Buffalo and maaaybe, just maybe... a well-known kid samurai and the child of someone who flew too close to the sun (hmmm 🤔). 



5" tall


Comes with a window-type box

The Cyberskull BITS comes with a magnetic gun accessory on the back


Cyberskull comes in 3" and 5" 

Kyu comes in 5" only (3" to be released later in the year)


Disclaimer: Each figure is individually hand-made. Slight variations and "unique characteristics" are to be expected.


Edition Size:

Open edition (why, you ask? Because we're developing this into a game and we're hoping it'll take off 🚀 


Shipping and fulfillment details:

The figure will be secured inside a box with a plastic shell. It will be wrapped with bubble wrap a and shipped inside a plastic mailer.

If more than one is ordered, a larger mailer/box will be used to fit the quantity.


Shipping and handling via the following:

Philippines - via J&T Express 


International - via DHL Express


Fulfillment date and details:

2-5 business days. 


Cyberskull BITS by RLUX Customs


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