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May The Fourth Be With You!


This Cyberskull Desert Rex Bundle is a May 4th Exclusive and will be limited to 10 sets only!


Aside from the custom Cap'n Rex helmet for the 6" figure, it'll also come with a blank 3" Cyberskull Rex figure - this is actually the first release of the 3" Cyberskull with a Gunslinger body! 


Note: The 3" blank Cyberskull Rex figure won't come in a blister-pack. Fret not, for it'll be packed safely and securely. 


Be sure to join our facebook group "We Are Cyberskull" - members will get early access on May 4th at midnight via direct order processing. 


Our general listing will be live on on May 4th, 10AM EST. 







Cyberskull Desert Rex Bundle

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