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Welcoming KENSUKE CREATIONS to the RLUX Family!

Exciting news for art toy enthusiasts and Kensuke fans! We've teamed up with Kensuke Creations to bring his awesome art style to life! Yes, that means 3-inch, 6-inch and possibly even 12-inch toys!

Ken has posted teasers of the figure we've been working on over the months, aaaand... it's Kyū!

Our friends from Invasion Toys published an article about Kyū and Kensuke Creations. Be sure to check that out!

In the poster below, we have Kyū, his protégé Etch Killshot, and RLUX's very own brand alter-ego, Cyberskull!

We're doing some finishing touches on the actual Kyū figure and we'll be posting updates about that soon! The first release will be Kyū in 3-inches, priced at $50 and will be sold here on our site,

Which other art of Ken's do you want to see come to life? Comment down below and let us know! We might be able to work something out in the future ;)

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