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[UPDATE #2] Venon Statue Inspired by Clayton Crain's Comic Book Cover

Hey everyone! After several test prints, we now have our final print! The figure separates into 7 different parts - body, head, tounge, 2 arms and 2 legs. The previous render video we posted shows the flag, but we decided just buy an actual miniature flag and spray fabric stiffener on it to give the entire figure/sculpture more texture variation (photos of flag with figure to be posted in the next blog update).

We took a few snapshots of Venom in several angles, as well as a quick video to show the details.

Next step: painting! Excited to post the finished look.

'Till the next update!

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1 Comment

Dang man! I love how this is coming together. The decision to use a real flag will definitely keep the sculpt looking sleek :D

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