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Cyberskull "TOXIN"

A characterisation of the toxins we consume and are manipulated by in modern society, presented in plain sight (open box). We subliminally accept (food, media, culture, etc).

Exhibit information: R Gallery] : Unbox 3, the latest iteration of a successful toy exhibition that brings together some of the most renowned names in the designer toy genre opens at R Gallery with a wider selection of artists, studios, and designers, and a more diverse set of fabricated forms that draw inspiration across pop culture, science-fiction, consumerism, and other aspects of contemporary society. The title Unbox describes the act of unpacking contents, a process of revealing surprises of sorts. But here, the box is not merely a receptacle for handling, transporting or storage—it is an integral part of the object itself. Each piece comes with its own customised box that serves as a platform and at times an extension of the toy’s form and composition. It is no longer auxiliary nor disposable excesses of purchase, but an entire medium of expression. These toys represent the intersections of art, design, mass production, and craftsmanship, as well as the plurality and hybridity of media and artistic expressions that characterise our time.

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