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"Resurgence" is a captivating phoenix art sculpture that serves as a striking centerpiece in any space.


This one-of-a-kind piece embodies the powerful symbolism of the phoenix—a mythical bird renowned for its cyclical rebirth, endurance, and transformation. What sets "Resurgence" apart is its vibrant and electrifying color palette, featuring neon green, pink, blue, orange and vibrant red. These bold colors infuse the sculpture with a dynamic energy that is truly captivating.

Price: ₱12,500.00 

Limited Edition: 10 pieces per color


Dimensions: Width/Wingspan: 23.3” Height: 24” Depth 7.8”


Materials: This sculpture is meticulously handcrafted using fiberglass resin and automotive paint.

The choice of materials, combined with the neon colors, creates a visually stunning and durable piece.


Techniques: The art house employed a range of techniques - both digital and physical - including digital sculpting, 3D printing, and resin casting, to bring the phoenix to life.


These techniques not only showcase the art house’s craftsmanship but also add depth and texture to the sculpture, enhancing the interplay of neon hues.


Inspiration: "Resurgence" draws inspiration from the timeless symbolism of the phoenix, and its vibrant colors symbolize themes of rebirth, renewal, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. The bright hues evoke a sense of hope, transformation, and the dazzling beauty found in the midst of challenge.

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