Cyberskull 2.0


Inspired by the original Cyberskull we released in 2020, this version features a more angular, sleeker jaw design.


The RLUX Custom Full-faced Mask line is made with airsoft quality material, padded with premium foam for comfort, and an ergonomic 5-point head harness system.


Colorway: Gunmetal with orange accents using Armored Komodo Heavy Industries Paints Variant: Textured skull


Sizes available: Medium & Large


Material is made out of resin reinforced with fiberglass; inner padding is made with premium foam with moisture-wicking dri-fit fabric.


Shipping and fulfillment details:

Made to order in 7-14 business days 

Mask will be placed in a non-woven polypropylene pouch, wrapped in bubble wrap and secured in a cardboard box.

Full face masks do not come with display boxes.


Shipping and handling via the following:

Philippines - via J&T Express

International - via FedEx International Priority

Cyberskull 2.0 Full-Faced Mask